Guide price updated of 5th Jul 2020.

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3 bedroom (Special Promotion)

Blk 1 #02-02 1690sf $2.74M

Blk 8 #01-32 1668sf $2.75M (Ask about DPS)

Blk 8 #02-34 1776sf $2.83M

3 + Study (Special Promotion)

Blk 8 #01-37 1830sf $2.93M (Ask about DPS)

2 bedroom

Blk 8 #01-30 1324sf $1.908M after subsidy

Blk 8 #01-35 1507sf $2.25M after subsidy

3 bedroom

Blk 8 #07-34 1744sf $2.83M after subsidy

Blk 3 #05-12 1905sf $3.32M after subsidy (Ask about DPS)

Blk 23 #33-73 2120sf $3.65M after subsidy (Ask about DPS)

Blk 29 #28-86 2271sf $3.65M after subsidy (Ask about DPS)

3 + study

Blk 8 #02-37 1851sf $3.18M after subsidy

Blk 8 #04-37 1851sf $3.25M after subsidy

4 bedroom

Blk 23 #10-71 2637sf $3.99M after subsidy

Blk 23 #37-73 3078sf $5.79M after subsidy

Blk 29 #04-88 2659sf $4.08M after subsidy


Blk 8 #07-33 3800sf $7.14M

Blk 11 #07-43 3617sf $6.97M

Blk 11 #07-47 4919sf $9.35M

Blk 29 #37-88 5576sf $14.11M


Blk 29 #39-88 13293sf $68M (Super Penthouse)

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