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Flexibility and comfort for everyone

Each unit is unique configured and designed with great comfort in mind.

Many differents type and configuration available

With 23 different configuration available, you will be able to choose units customed to your needs

Duplex units

Rare duplex units in this prime location offer even greater flexibility and possibility of usage. Occupying level 25 and above, these choice units also boast unparalleled views towards Marina Bay, Kallang Basin, and the breathtaking surrounds.

2 bedroom duplex setup


The 2 bedroom duplex is a carefully thought out residential unit. Its upper floor comes complete with two wellsized bedrooms. Additionally, it has a built-in platform that can comfortably fit a sofa bed. This can easily become a guest bedroom, or be used as a study or cosy corner.The lower level is well-proportioned with living, dining and entertaining spaces.



The duplex can also be used as a dual key unit, where each floor becomes a separate dwelling. One of the bedrooms in the upper floor can even be converted into a living and dining room. Such a self-contained configuration opens up possibilities for the duplex to be used by different occupants/families.


*flexible configuration option by purchaser
^Prevailing home office guidelines apply


When used as a home office, the upper
level becomes a private sanctuary for
living, dining and resting. The lower level can accommodate a small office set up, with workstations and an enclosed director’s room for discussions and meetings


*flexible configuration option by purchaser
^Prevailing home office guidelines apply

3 bedroom duplex setup


The 3-bedroom duplex is designedto cater to the whole family in mind. The upper level has two bedrooms, each with its ensuite bathroom for complete privacy. The built-in platform can be used as a quiet study, while the balcony looks out to the stunning surrounds. The lower level also has a well-sized bedroom that can accommodate occasional guests or other family members



When used as a dual key unit, the upper floor of the duplex is complete with full functions and facilities for a family to make the space their home. The lower level is also fully sufficient and self-contained, with thoughtfully planned spaces for relaxing, cooking, dining and sleeping


*flexible configuration option by purchaser
^Prevailing home office guidelines apply


The duplex also offers the flexibility to be configured as an inspiring workspace. The upper level can be set up as a 1-bedroom unit, and the platform can fit a sofa bed comfortably to house guests. The lower level can be used as an office, accommodating 2 workstations, a director’s room and a chic lounge area to entertain and host business partners.


*flexible configuration option by purchaser
^Prevailing home office guidelines apply

Midtown bay Key Plan

Midtown Bay Floorplans

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Floor Plans
Midtown Bay Type A3a Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type A3 Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type A2a-G Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type A2 Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type A1-G Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type A2a Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type A1a Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type A1 Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B3-G Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B1a Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B2 Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B3 Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B1 Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B5-DP Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B6a-DP Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B4-DP Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B7-DP Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B2-DP Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B3-DP Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B7a-DP Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B6-DP Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B1a-DP Floorplan
Midtown Bay Type B1-DP Floorplan

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