Site Plan


Getaway splendour without getting away.

Klimt Cairnhill promises a bouquet of facilities carefully planted throughout the development. From vibrant pools and playgrounds teeming with life to calming gardens and lounges, each offers an oasis of respite.
Have a tranquil swim while the world bustles on beneath. Live where others vacation.

Level 1 - 4
Level 5
Level 14

Save a piece of history for future memories.

Connect the resplendent present with Cairnhill’s glorious past.

A grand conserved bungalow, fashioned into a clubhouse with exquisite lounges and private dining rooms, provides a wonderful alternative to your entertainment experience.

Create new memories within the ambience of history.


Great outdoors without getting out of the doors.

When was the last time you played catch with the kids and the fur kids? Enjoyed a picnic spread with your loved ones on a balmy Sunday? Or gazed at the canopy of stars after dark with your other
half through the evening breeze?

Celebrate the luxury and joy of outdoor living at home.


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