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like feathers on a wing together we’ll soar

Nobody succeeds alone and nobody gets far by themselves. To travel along the road of success and enjoy the privileges that come with it for a long time we need each other. I absolutely treasure my team and I stop at nothing to drive our continued progress. Tight knit and highly orchestrated, our combined efforts far outstrip the sum of our parts. We openly share ideas and knowledge and back each other up without question. The success of one is the success of all and we live and breathe this every day.

winning Team 

Never forgeting our principles of hard work, diligent research, impeccable service and absolute integrity, we have built a team that continues to break records and win top awards and honours. The result of our work is the testament of our guiding philosphy of doing our absolute best for our clients.

Are you looking for a Break Through?

It is never about the market or about the economy but it is true that in every situation, there are those that succeed. Perhaps all you need is a change in perspective.

daring innovation

I am always looking for new ways to drive business and break new ground.

In 2015, I wanted to breakthrough and start marketing luxury properties for the Core Central region. The problem was PropNex was not one of the preferred companies. I decided that something bold had to be done and at personal cost organized a road show at Ngee Ann City. This was a move no one else had thought to make and it worked. OUE, CDL, GuocoLand and TG Development invited us to market their properties.

Today this spirit of fearless innovation in the face of tough obstacles still prevails. I never stop thinking of new ideas and trying new things to make sure that the team and I stay on the cutting edge.

be on the forefront
With me, you will learn the most innovative ways to market luxury properties. Our system is highly refined, constantly upgraded and gets results.

We demand the same level of exellence from these methods as we do of ourselves and we take no half measures in the quest to be the best.

Forward, always forward

Staying ahead of the pack makes great demands on time and resources and we fully understand and embrace that.

We never get complacent and we never stop thinking and looking for ways to innovate the way we conduct business. There is no standing still in this line of work, either you are always moving forward or you get left behind.

a new future awaits you 

If you are an experienced agent wanting to break out into exciting new territory and flex your full potential or have a team that you want to lead to greater heights with a system proven to work, give me a call. I am always on the lookout for good people and would love to meet and explore the possibilities of what our combined efforts can achieve.

nothing left to chance 

We are dead serious when it comes to achieving success and over the years have developed a system that has a proven track record. Take a look at how we will help you when you become a team member. Victory loves preparation and so do we.


  • Maintain innovation to beat competition
  • Always have viable plans of action
  • Ability to identify opportunities and lead the way there


  • Dependable team you can trust
  • Help train and recruit for you for free
  • Innovative inventory system


  • our own acta certified trainers
  • comprehensive proprietary training
  • company wide training

The support you need 

We understand the challenges of being in our industry. As part of the team you are never alone in your struggles and help is always just a phone call away.

Join us, and together we will go far.

“Dominic’s leadership and his knowledge is commendable as he continuously brings out the best in his associates, with majority of them achieving stellar success in the industry. 

He is indeed a respected team leader who inspires and leads others.”

Ismail Gafoor

CEO, PropNex Realty

“Through his leadership & foresight, I achieved many breakthroughs in the business. The success I achieved in 2016 was beyond what I had dared to dream of. This was due in great part to Dominic’s unselfish sharing, teaching and mentoring.

He makes sure that the team is productive and our welfare taken care of. He is a firm and effective leader, and he instils discipline in the team. He has indeed played a great part in our success. We couldn’t have achieved such a success without him.”

Stella Thio

Lux Team, PropNex Realty

“Dominic has always struck us as someone who plays hard and works equally hard. This is one trait which we could resonate with -how you do anything is how you do everything. His wit and charismatic ways also won us over and this further convinced us that this was a leader which we could identify with and someone who could lead us to greater success. Under his great leadership, we have become more focused, disciplined and are constantly striving to be among the best in the industry. His vision and foresight has paved the way for us to greater opportunities and his unwavering determination to succeed and be the best is indeed admirable.
Leon Chua

Lux Team, PropNex Realty

“Our partnership is without regrets and his working style suits me. I admire his stringent principles,  straight to the point work attitude. He will not hesitate to fight for the rights of his team. That alone, brings confidence to all. Pushing us beyond our limits, is a test of our comfort zone. It works and the results shows. If I’m only allowed one word to describe Dominic’s leadership, it will be “Caring”.
Vincent Wong

Lux Team, PropNex Realty

“Dom is a people builder. He has the interests of whoever that works with him. Through very frank opinions, he points out your weaknesses for one to reflect on improving oneself. He has built countless Platinum achievers ever since 2015. I for one, am more than thankful for giving me the opportunity to learn immensely from him though I am not his downline or associate. I am grateful for the 8 Platinum awards that he has helped me in one way or another to achieve.
Kelvin Thong

Agent, PropNex Realty

New horizons await us

Let’s conquer them together.

If you are hungry for success and think you have what it takes, call me and see what a difference a phone call can make.