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In the complicated landscape of Singapore luxury property, mastery of the market from relentless diligence expressing itself as foresight is absolutely critical to success.

Financial savvy, the ability to recognize opportunities, access to information, meticulous planning, timing, and a deep understanding of market factors all contribute to the success and failure of any move.

Unceasing continual education combined with the unwavering adherence to the highest standards of integrity are not negotiable in this world and I make it my duty everyday to earn the right to be your man for the job.


My approach has never changed since my first day in real estate; I will always have your best interests at heart. You can be confident that my service and advice are backed by thorough research and market insight to strike the right balance between risk and reward. My prime mission is to achieve your objectives without exposing you to undue uncertainity.

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Whether you need something done, advice, or any question answered, I am always just a phone call away, any day of the week.

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“Dominic’s knowledge on the property market is top notch and extremely in-depth. Other agencies cannot compare to Dominic’s team in terms of getting down to details and the time they take to get back to me.”
Sameer Aswani

Chairman, Aswani Holdings

“If you want to invest profitably, Dominic is a property expert you should listen to.
Nicholas Chia

Property Investor


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